UNDEAD UNLUCK Open Auditions

Undead Unluck Open Auditions Presented by TMS Entertainment X Bang Zoom! Studios​​

TMS Entertainment and Bang Zoom! Studios present Open Auditions for the highly anticipated anime series “Undead Unluck”!


Looking for your shot to be a voice actor for anime?


This might be your chance to land a role in the upcoming anime adaptation of the hit series Undead Unluck — serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine! Whether you’re an aspiring voice actor looking for that big break or are just curious to see what the process is like, stop by Anime Expo – Main Events on July 4th and try out your voice acting chops for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of a real anime production. No experience necessary!


Register for the Audition

Fill out our online registration form below!
Please note that online registration does not guarantee you a slot in the open auditions.



Once you've completed the registration form, you'll receive an email with your registration number. Will will use your contact information tied to this registration number to alert you to come to the stage. There is no limit to how many people may sign up, and while we will attempt to get through as many auditions as possible during the allotted time, there is no guarantee that you will be able to audition.

Applicants will be randomly selected from those who have registered.

Open Auditions

Audition Materials

You do not need to prepare specific content to perform, as we will provide the audition material!
Available script options will be viewable when your group is called to line up. Once you have selected a script amongst the available options, you will have a few moments to review the lines, decide on the voice you will perform them with, and quietly practice while waiting your turn.
Only one voice per audition!


Open Auditions

Please arrive on time for the panel.
Prior to the auditions beginning, we will ask the first 10 – 15 numbers to line up near the stage and call the subsequent groups as the auditions progress. If you are not present (or paying attention) when your number is called during the audition, you will be skipped.
So don’t be late!



We will be selecting a number of actors from the open audition earlier in the panel whom our team would like to hear another read! During the finals, you will experience the dubbing process, working with the director to perform your lines in sync with a character in a scene from an anime!